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Building & Pest Report

36 Foam Street, Surfside NSW 2536

Building & Pest


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Southern Independent Building Inspections

Josh Brook


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MPI Building & Pest Inspections

Jason Mercer


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Clear Inspections

Matthew Clay


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The Property Inspectors

TPI Building and Pest


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Coastal Inspections

Darren Drewsen


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Southern Building and Pest Pty Ltd

Murray Nelson


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Building & Pest Report

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Independence is key when looking at a Building & Pest Inspection Report

For many property buyers, the reasons for buying a Building and Pest Inspection report are obvious - you want to know as much as you can about what costly defects there might be to bring the property into an acceptable (and sometimes legal) condition. For further reading, visit the NSW, VIC, QLD or WA Government websites.

Why use Before You Bid?

We only use inspectors that have the relevant insurance cover (unlike an estimated 70% of inspectors in Australia) and operate a consumer rating system to maintain a high-quality panel. Your easy-to-read report will either be available for immediate download or within 48 hours of access being provided. Our inspectors are available for any questions you may have.