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    Contract Review

    Conveyancing is the process of transferring legal title of a property from one person to another. It is important to obtain high quality advice to ensure you are adequately protected at the time of entering into the sales contract.
    Before you bid on a property, your conveyancer will review the vendor's proposed sales contract for any illegal or uncommercial clauses, and propose changes specific to your needs.
    We have seen countless lawyers charging their clients to review a sales contract. Before You Bid introduces you to high quality lawyers and conveyancers who will do the review FOR FREE as long as you engage them to undertake the conveyancing work should you be successful in buying the property. They will provide you with a quote upfront for their conveyancing services so you aren’t locked into anything you don’t want to be. BYB has negotiated a discount with our panel so you will be paying less than if you had contacted them directly!
    Think of the thousands of dollars in fees as well as the time you will save, particularly if you look at a number of properties before making a purchase

    Our Services and Pricing

    Building & Pest Inspection

    1 Buyer



    2 Buyers


    $240 saving

    3 Buyers


    $310 saving

    4 Buyers


    $350 saving

    Strata Report

    1 Buyer



    2 Buyers


    $110 saving

    3 Buyers


    $150 saving

    4 Buyers


    $170 saving

    Pool Inspection Report

    Initial Inspection
    (including certification)


    Return Inspection


    *The contract review is free provided you engage the lawyer for their conveyancing services. A quote for their conveyancing services will be provided to you prior to being provided with their engagement letter so you won’t be locked into anything unless you are happy with the quote. No more paying lawyers to review a sales contract!
    On average, people undertake due diligence on up to 5 homes before making a purchase (if they make one). This can result in expenses of upwards of $1,500 without even purchasing a property!
    By using Before You Bid, you can save your money for what is important – bidding on the property you want at the price it deserves!


    We ensure all our panel members have the appropriate experience, qualifications and insurances
    We ask all our customers for feedback on our panel members to ensure the highest quality is maintained
    If you know any high quality conveyancers, inspectors or strata reporters, ask them to get in contact with us about