23 JUN 2016
When buying a property, most people will have a lawyer/conveyancer review the sales contract. Buying a property is often the biggest investment decision you can make, so it's important to fully understand what you are purchasing, and the legal process that you are agreeing to in the contract. High quality legal advice will help you understand the contract, and ensure that there are no unusual terms or hidden catches. Remember, you cannot change a contract or back-out after auction, so any contract amendments need to be made pre-auction.
Before You Bid now has a panel of lawyers and conveyancers who offer absolutely free contract reviews – so there’s no excuse not to get one!

How do I order a BYB Contract Review?

Simply type the address for the property with the sales contract that you want reviewed, add a Free Contract Review to your cart and follow the prompts. A conveyancer will be in touch with you within 1 business day (usually within 2 business hours) to give you a no-obligation quote for their post-purchase conveyancing work if you are the successful buyer of the property. Should you accept the quote, the conveyancers will start immediately.

BYB Quality Control

Before You Bid operates a rating system for all of its panel members. This process ensures accountability in otherwise unaccountable industries. Put simply, if our customers don’t rate our panel members, we stop using them. At BYB, YOU are our quality control team!

Are there any exceptions?

In an estimated 90% of residential real estate cases, a BYB Contract Review will be free. The conveyancer does reserve the right to refuse to offer a free contract review. This is extremely rare but may involve cases such as a lease on the property being in place. Don’t worry though – the conveyancer will identify these issues and provide a no-obligation quote to do the review in these instances.
Before You Bid helps potential buyers save time and money on independent property reports. Find out more at www.beforeyoubid.com.au.

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